Applications Diagnostic

Develop data driven insights to help you decide which application to retain, retire or transform to meet the needs of the business


Assess: The Health of the Application Portfolio

  • Get a full 360 view of the effectiveness, criticality and prevalence of all relevant applications, to get a comprehensive view of the health of the applications portfolio.
  • Identify opportunities to drive more value from effective applications, retire nonessential applications, and immediately address at-risk applications that are not meeting expectations.

Analyse: Drill Down with Individual Application Scorecards

  • Provide detailed application feedback to IT owners with a dashboard overview of each application to identify problem spots, develop action plans for improvement, benchmark successes from year to year and determine key departments with which to initiate discussion.
  • Get targeted, open-ended feedback around each application, organised by business units, to simplify problem resolution

Communicate: Provide Targeted Department Feedback

Share end user satisfaction and importance ratings of core IT services, IT communications and business enablement to focus on the right end user groups or lines of business, and ramp up satisfaction and productivity.

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