You know that there could be a better alignment between your users and the services you provide but there are so many projects in the pipeline and fires to extinguish that you don’t know where to start.

Our diagnostics are the simplest way to collect the data you need, turn it into actionable insights, and communicate with stakeholders across the organization.

Ask the right question

Use our low-effort surveys to get the data you need from stakeholders across the organisation.

Leverage the data engine

Our diagnostic engine does all the heavy lifting and analysis, turning your data into usable information.

Communicate and take action

Wow your executives with the incredible insights you’ve uncovered. Then, get to action: make IT better.

There are easily affordable by even small business units and are extremely rewarding. We leverage the analysts and the diagnostic engine of Info-Tech Research Group and together will produce a full report that will give you and Pepada a detailed view of what works well today and what could be improved.

Take a look at the examples below.

IT Performance

Use a COBIT activity framework to map out your department’s activities for each key IT process. Get process owner and team evaluations of current maturity and plan for future improvements. Clearly see improvements by process areas and which activities are required next to achieve success.

Data & Reporting

The ultimate measure of data quality & adequate reporting is business satisfaction, and only the business can define it. Get a report showing the business’s evaluation of data quality & Relevance of the insights you provide so you can focus your improvement efforts to meet their needs.

  • Applications Portfolio Assessment: End-User feedback
  • Reporting & Analytics Scorecard


The IT Security Diagnostic Program is a low effort, high impact program designed to help IT Security Leaders assess and improve their security practices. Gather and report on IT Security governance, business satisfaction, and effectiveness to understand where you stand and how you can improve.

  • IT Security Diagnostic Program

Projects Performance

Collect feedback from sponsors, users impacted, and the project team to measure real benefits delivered for each completed project.

  • IT Scorecard
  • Projects Benefits Assessment


If you’re managing an Application Portfolio without collecting feedback from users you are flying blind and wasting valuable budget in the wrong place . Find out which applications need to be upgraded, maintained, or retired. This will also prepare you to adopt the cloud should this be in your pipeline of projects

  • Applications Portfolio Assessment: End-User feedback
  • Reporting & Analytics Scorecard

Policies Management

Assess the maturity of your policy management practices and recognize opportunities to improve process efficiency and reduce corporate risk.

  • Policy Management Maturity Assessment

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